Sample information

  • Purity of the crystallized protein should be at least 90% or higher based on a Coomassie-stained SDS-PAGE.
  • Protein should come from one purification batch due to possible slight differences that can occur between different protein purification batches that can affect the crystallization process.
  • If the protein is not purified by BioCentrum, its solubility should be estimated by the Client. If possible, the protein buffer should be of weak ionic strength (e.g. 5-50 mM Tris-HCl containing max. 0,05 M NaCl).
  • Minimal amount of the protein required for initial crystallization screening is 20 mg (less protein may limit the number of initial crystallization experiments).
  • Before shipping, protein sample should be divided into small aliquots. Samples can be send frozen on dry ice or as solution at 4°C (in some cases protein may be lyophilized, however it is not recommended due to the possible negative impact of lyophilization on protein stability).
  • Upon receiving, the purity and stability of protein are determined using SDS-PAGE, HPLC (DLS and MS analyses upon request).