Research and development

Our services

BioCentrum offer independent realization of ordered complex research and development study as well as cooperation in various research initiation studies. We have our own experienced research group working in well-equiped, modern biochemistry, cell biology and microbiology laboratory units.

We specially specialize in following area:
  • micro plate estimation of  protein-ligand binding curve with  measurements at UV/VIS range
  • proteomics
  • liquid chromatography  of protein and peptides separation methods
  • estimation of part of full first order structure of protein and peptides by chemical sequencing and mass spectrometry methods
  • protein crystallization and three dimensional structure estimation by X-ray diffraction method
Our own research and development study focus on:
  • bacterial protease and their natural protein inhibitors and antimicrobial peptides as possible factors for supporting antibiotic therapy
  • new specific enzyme useful in protein chemistry for peptide map preparation as well as for removing of fusion polypeptides from recombinant proteins