Recombinant proteins production

In vitro
recombinant protein production is widely used for both, scientific and therapeutic purposes. Due to its simple procedure and low costs, bacterial and yeast systems are most often used expression systems. The methods however require knowledge and experience in order to obtain satisfactory results. Both, the quality and quantity of the final product depends on the choice of expression vector, strain, as well as growth and purification conditions.

ImageOur goal is to provide complete, innovative and cost-effective solutions in protein production. We offer systems to meet specific needs ranging from expression of tagged proteins as antigens for antibody generation, to production of biopharmaceuticals. The base of the system is a unique, self-developed collection of our proprietary expression vectors and naturally selected and/or modified prokaryotic or eukaryotic strains. As a host we use Escherichia coli with incorporated, innovative autolytic system, which guarantees decreased oxidation condition. When posttranslation modifications are crucial for protein function/activity, Pichia pastoris or Saccharomyces cerevisiae is chosen as a host. Depending on requirements, the protein is produced either intracellular or extracellular, with both constitutive and inducible systems.

After transformation of appropriate host strains, we identify and clone expressing target protein in a small scale culture. The best expression system is then selected. In case the results are not satisfactory, we further optimize the growth and expression conditions (media, additives, temperature, time of induction). As a final step, we perform protein purification using chromatographic methods. The purity is confirmed by SDS-PAGE and HPLC techniques.