Radiometric Assay Services

Radioligand Binding Assay Services

Radioligand binding assay is a standard method of determining the binding properties of test compounds in drug discovery, such as GPCRs and ion channels. The basis of the competitive receptor binding analysis is the competition binding of radiolabeled ligand, in the presence of increasing concentrations of non-radiolabeled test drugs which are drug candidates, to the receptor to form radioligand-receptor complex. The parameter measured is an amount of radioligand bound to the receptor followed by indirect assessing of unlabeled ligand affinity to the receptor. The radioactivity is counted on the filters and results are plotted to obtain IC50 and Ki values for the test drug. Moreover, for protocols where the goal is to determine receptor density (Bmax) in the tissue, a saturation approach is performed.

Our offer
The regulatory requirements and high costs of equipment prohibit most of the labs from radioisotope-based assay platform. To address this problem, we offer the radioligand assay services as a low cost solution for your projects. Our receptor competition radioligand binding experiments, performed in UniFilter filtration plate format, are performed using 7-9 concentrations of test compounds. Furthermore, binding assays can be validated on at least one reference compound.