pBCM Expression Vector System
The pBCM E. coli Expression Vector System is composed of a series of the expression vectors designed for the optimal expression of recombinant proteins. This includes a set of 18 circular expression vectors available as plasmids carrying multiple cloning sites for traditional cloning. Series of pBCM vectors provide various genetic backgrounds by using expression promoters, fusion tags, origins of replications, and regulatory elements, which allow the selection of the optimal conditions for the production of the particular protein of interest. The system incorporates the series of the redesigned, strong, inducible promoters based on the commonly used expression promoters. Each promoter was optimized for the optimal expression levels and placed in various genetic content (copy number, regulatory elements, gene of interest) to maximize the production of the soluble and biologically active proteins of interest. The system includes the proprietary fusion tag cleaving protease, the CleanCut and each vector is equipped with the DNA sequence coding for the CleanCut recognition site. The CleanCut is a recombinant, highly active and specific protease, which for its proteolytic activity allows for any aa residue at the position P1?. This feature allows producing the recombinant protein with the native N-terminus or freely shaping of this terminus.

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Restriction cloning vectors

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