New whitepaper on Pre-clinical outsourcing to Poland
Over the last decade outsourcing has become an important strategic issue for pharmaceutical companies. Rising pressure to reduce costs and time-to-market has led to outsourcing not only of traditional non-core functions such as manufacturing and clinical trials, but also increasingly of preclinical studies and drug discovery activities. Since the expansion of the European Union, established pharma companies are looking more and more into services of the outsourcing companies from Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe possesses one of the most established and expanding infrastructures for research outsourcing. One of the countries worth paying special attention to is Poland, and particularly a city located in the South of country – Krakow, the scientific capital of Poland.

According to a rankings describing outsourcing investment tendencies, Poland clearly stands out in the CEE region and ranks 1st in Europe and 5th in the world in terms of outsourcing investment attractiveness. Investors appreciate the quality of Polish human resources and emphasize the country’s attractive location in the centre of Europe, as well as the availability of scientific aid on the part of Polish academic centres. At BioCentrum, we believe that Poland, and especially Krakow, is the future Europe prime destination for outsourcing.

Detailed information is included in the whitepaper:
ImagePre-clinical Outsourcing to Poland. BioCentrum Whitepaper.