BioCentrum will perform crystallography studies for the Institute of Biotechnology and Antibiotics
BioCentrum (Selvita Group) and the Institute of Biotechnology and Antibiotics announced commencement of cooperation concerning conduction of crystallography studies as an element of preparation of the registration dossier for a medicinal product. 

Institute of Biotechnology and Antibiotics as a coordinator of the consortium of several Polish academic institutions, aiming at the development of technology and conduction of preclinical studies testing  the properties of recombinant human insulin analogues with a modified hypoglycaemic effect, decided to entrust BioCentrum (Selvita Group) with the crystallographic studies required to determine the spatial structure of chosen insulin analogues. 

Scope of this project, includes development of methods for creation of insulin analogues crystals with the quality suitable for crystallographic measurements, tests using X-ray crystallography to determine the spatial structure of the analogues with atomic resolution, and a detailed analysis of the obtained structural models as well as for the development of a detailed documentation. 

We appreciate the possibility of strengthening our cooperation with such renowned research institute as the Institute of Biotechnology and Antibiotics. We are very pleased that IBA has a  high opinion of their cooperation with the Selvita Group and has trusted us with another project. We believe that the unique capabilities of our dedicated protein biochemistry and crystallography teams will provide the highest quality of work which is to be conducted in this project - said Dr. Milosz Gruca, Director of Research and Development, Board Member of BioCentrum. 

Entrusting Selvita Group with this project, we’ve guaranteed ourselves services of an experienced  team that has the appropriate research facilities, scientific knowledge and the ability to work in accordance with the international quality standards of R&D. With such partner by our side, who approaches the tasks in our project with competence and full commitment , we are confident that we will achieve the intended goals - said Bożena Tejchman-Małecka, Head of the Department of Chemical Analysis at the Institute of Biotechnology and Antibiotics. 

The project covered by this agreement will be conducted in a way that all the results and prepared documentation will be available for direct use for the registration of a medicinal product by the entity implementing the project. 

All tests performed by BioCentrum will be carried out in accordance with the regulations of the Polish and European pharmaceutical law, as well as according to the directives of the European Medicines Agency.

Selvita Group is an innovative Polish company providing research and development services and IT solutions. We deliver comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical and research companies targeted at lowering the cost of bringing products to market. The group also includes BioCentrum, which has been audited and qualified by the General Pharmaceutical Inspectorate in the field of therapeutical substance manufacturing for the physicochemical analyses of the substances and their certification.  BioCentrum’s offer includes services in chemical analysis (eg. development, validation and transfer of methods of API analysis, stability testing, dissolution profiles), protein chemistry (incl. analysis of amino acid composition and sequencing), in vitro preclinical studies (ADME) crystallography, and enzyme production. 

The Institute of Biotechnology and Antibiotics (IBA) is a state-owned research and development organization established in 1985 by the Minister of Industry. The IBA operates in the health service and pharmaceutical sector. It employs 151 people, including 34 research scientists. The IBA’s mission is to conduct scientific research in biotechnology, and the development and implementation of antibiotic technology and other biologically active substances; strengthening, and improving the image and position of the IBA within the scientific communities and in the pharmaceutical sector; as well as to disseminate the quality assurance policy for IBA operations.

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