Adamed teams up with BioCentrum to develop innovative oncological drug
Adamed, the leading Polish producer of pharmaceuticals, and BioCentrum,  a provider of contract pharma & biotech R&D services, initiated  a joint project to develop an innovative oncology drug.

Warsaw, 24 November 2009 - Adamed and BioCentrum announced today launch of a new research project, which may have a significant impact on the development of the Polish pharmaceutical sector. The aim of this joint project is to develop an innovative oncology drug. 
The initial phase of research involves mainly identification and structural characterization of new molecules, inhibitors of one of the major pathways of proteins involved in the process of oncogenesis.  The second phase of the project will involve Adamed performing clinical trials of the potential drug.
Research will be mainly based on the use of latest-generation analytical methods. Tasks scheduled include advanced computationally-aided compound development supported by calculations, method development for the synthesis of chemically isolated compounds, an innovative process of in vitro screening of compounds with advanced biochemical assays, lead optimization using computational methods, crystallography and  animal studies.

The final outcome of this project has a chance to become the first cancer therapy in the world which uses this particular protein target. Potentially, as many as three million patients worldwide would be able to benefit from this treatment. It is presumed that the phase I clinical trials could begin in 2013.

 "I must admit that the research project which Adamed is developing in a collaboration with Biocentrum, is an opportunity to begin a new era in Polish and global medicine. We are talking about new targeted therapy, where the therapeutic molecule is acting directly on the tumor, destroying only cancer cells, and sparing healthy tissues of the body. Collaboration with BioCentrum enables us to consolidate our knowledge in the field of innovation, with the involvement of scientists and the latest laboratory tools for cancer research. The aim is to strengthen our capabilities in conducting research and development which could lead to invention of a new oncology therapy. I hope that collaboration with BioCentrum will contribute to the development of an innovative drug that will meet the needs of cancer patients” - said Małgorzata Korpusik, Adamed’s Board Member responsible for Research, Development and Manufacturing.

The project also involves participation of Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology of the Jagiellonian University as well as the biotechnology company Selvita, BioCentrum’s strategic investor.
"We feel honoured that Adamed decided to conduct the project proposed by BioCentrum and the Jagiellonian University. A partner with the largest experience in preclinical development in Poland,  and a great scientific potential, will allow to employ all the ideas the BioCentrum’s team has."- said Paweł Przewięźlikowski , BioCentrum’s CEO,  “working with Adamed will enable us to take a full advantage of our new laboratory and the research methods which have been implemented.”

BioCentrum  is a private company operating in the area of biotechnology.  BioCentrum's mission is to create a platform for its clients and partners in order to help them translate innovative discoveries into preclinical candidates with improved chances to become marketed in the least amount of time possible. The company offers custom services in the area of preclinical studies, including the key steps in the process of drug development that are used in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. The company also provides services in the field of protein chemistry, covering a wide range of standard and advanced analysis, as well as the production and purification of proteins. Using extensive research experience of its employees, BioCentrum works on the research and development projects within a wide range of topics of modern biotechnology. BioCentrum also has in its offer a panel of highly-purified and highly-active enzymes, inhibitors and other biologically active preparations of their own production.

Adamed is a leader on the Polish market for a new generation of drugs in multiple therapeutic areas including cardiology, psychiatry, pulmonology, gynaecology and treatment of urinary tract infections. Adamed owns two large drug-producing plants: in Pienkow near Warsaw, and Ksawerow in the Łódź Special Economic Zone.  Adamed’s mission is to search for new therapies for the treatment of the “civilization diseases” such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Adamed is intensively developing its research departments, investing in new laboratory equipment and training Polish scientists. In the past five years spending on research and development of the company reached over 150 million PLN. At that time the company  has patented more than 20 formulas of own medicines. Adamed which has a 100% Polish capital, was founded in 1986. Function of the President of Board is served by Maciej Adamkiewicz.