How to submit samples
Before expedition of samples please carefully read our recommendations concerning sample preparation for specific analyses as well as to settle the turnaround date, the kind and the approximate costs of analysis. The shipping adress for the samples is: BioCentrum Sp. z o.o., Bobrzynskiego 14, 30-348 Krakow.
Please attach to your samples:

  • unique and interchangeable sample names,
  • written order (the document should contain: type of ordered service, name and full postal adress of customer, national tax number, source of payment (e.g. grant number), authorization for invoice writting without customer signature, readable customer signature),
  • sample description: in case of liquid or lyophilized samples please give exact amount of protein or peptide (in molar units), molecular mass, sample volume (or initial sample volume in case of lyophilized specimens), composition and ionic strength of sample solution buffer. In case of PVDF membrane-bound samples please provide molecular mass of protein or peptide and its amount (in molar units). The type of electrophoresis apllied, electrotransfer protocol as well as name of protein stain is also welcome. Each membrane-bound sample has to be provided with a piece of control blank membrane.

ATTENTION: If not otherwise stated by the client, the samples will be disposed after analysis.