X-ray Crystallography Services


Our offer includes contract research or implementation of joint research projects in the field of X-ray crystallography of biological macromolecules. We perform a full set of necessary experimentation (see Crystallography Workflow), providing high-resolution tertiary structures of proteins in the free state and in complexes with low molecular weight ligands.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive analysis of the results of the experiments involving characteristics of binding pocket and suggestions for further optimization of ligands as well as docking ligands in silico. Understanding of the ligand binding mode is very important in the new approach in drug discovery which is called ‘structure-based drug design’. Analysis of binding pocket provides an insight in mechanism of action of the ligand at the molecular level which gives information about further optimization of the ligand structure.

We can also perform a comparative analysis of biosimilar drugs at structural level. This kind of analyses is needed when new generic biosimilar drug is compared with its counterpart existing on the market (e.g. comparison of new human insulin analogue with human insulin).

The offer is directed primarily to pharmaceutical industry and research groups developing new therapeutic compounds. We are also open to other cooperation in the field of structural research in accordance to the needs of the partners.