ADME profiling

Problems with absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) of promising drug candidate may lead to compound failure in clinical trials. To help to resolve these issues BioCentrum offers a comprehensive ADME platform supporting drug discovery projects from hit to preclinical candidate. At BioCentrum we translate your needs into solutions.

Effective decision making is a key principle in the efficient progression of compounds from hit to a candidate drug. It means focusing resources on those elements of screening cascade which constitute the critical factors for achieving the target product profile.

Our offer

ImageBioCentrum offer covers wide range of laboratory assays: solubility and permeability tests,  metabolic stability of substances, antibiotic properties of substances, and toxicity tests. The data from these studies can select compounds for further development and validate results from other test systems. Our goal is to substantially increase research productivity, while decreasing labor-based expenses. Our cost-effective approach allows to provide this superior level of quality at prices that are attractive in any global market.